Can we guess your age based on your general knowledge? [QUIZ]

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Can we guess your age based on your general knowledge? [QUIZ] - Our Site

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TEST: Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your General Knowledge?

Some people have their heads filled with little bits of trivia and random bits of general knowledge. But did you know the kind of general knowledge you know can be rather telling about your age? Who would have known that my vast knowledge on late 80s and early 90s Disney films would reveal my age? It’s incredible.

Testing your general knowledge is also a great way to work out your brain too. These general knowledge questions will have your brain running in tip top shape in no time at all!

Remembering to challenge your brain on a regular basis is key. What a lot of people forget it the key to a healthy body is through a healthy and active mind. What’s the point of driving a sports car is the engine is wrecked? So make sure your work out your brain at least every other day. Either by doing little general knowledge tests, or by solving brain teasers. It can seriously change your life.

This test will exam your answers, and determine your age. But be warned, some of these general knowledge questions are a little tricky.

Did we guess your age right? Tell us what age you got in the comments, and if it’s actually how old you are. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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Everything changed once 2000 hit. The years sped up, the globe got hotter, the Internet got cooler, populations increased and attention spans dwindled. It was supposed to be the year of flying cars and moving sidewalks, but we settled for clunky cell phones and free music. Tiger Woods was at the peak of his career. Britney Spears was up and coming. Michael Jordan finally stopped playing basketball. Beyonce was in a girl group. The dot-com bubble was about to burst. The country held the tightest presidential election in history. And we were in for a world of change. What do you know about the year 2000?

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